Education is a human right issue. It needs to be disseminated to each and every person living on this globe considering it to be their right. The costly education for elites and denial of this to the teeming millions who can’t afford is the height of injustice.

This neglect of delivering education to all is producing its negative consequences for the entire mankind. Terrorism, crime and poverty are the negative results of keeping a great majority of children uneducated especially in third world and underdeveloped countries. In this article, we are going to present how an individual and society can reap the benefits of free education.


Poor people remain deprived of education only due to non-affordability factor. Due to this deprivation, they are sent to work for earning a livelihood for their families. In most of the cases, children are underpaid and suffer from workplace harassment. They also suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Their depression lets them think that society and government is their enemy as it deters them from getting an education.

Now look how giving free education to these have-nots children will transform their lives and society at large.

  • After getting equal opportunities for education they will be on par with their rich counterparts.
  • When they will be absorbed in career, it will lead to economic progress of their families and elimination of poverty.
  • It will lead to their personality development by giving them confidence, social acceptability, higher self-esteem and self-efficacy.
  • Society will make progress by leaps and bounds as it will have more productive and skilled workforce.
  • The society will be much safer place as youth will have no time to indulge in negative activities like street crime, snatching, drug addiction and making illegal money.

Free education is the great investment:

Free education should not be treated as a non –development and unproductive expenditure. It is, in fact, a great investment. Countries who spend in this venture find it the most rewarding investment since they know that human resource is the most precious asset and investment in their education will make a country developed in economically and security wise.

Free education will result in industrial and technological growth and the initial investment on free education will repay in the form of foreign investment flowing in this country.

The countries implementing free education will be having a strong research and development portfolio owing to their valuable highly skilled human resource. Technology-wise, therefore such countries will be far ahead.

Non-Economic benefits:

Free education will bear fruits in the social sector also and non-quantifiable social benefits will also be delivered by this investment.

(1)Societies will tend to be more democratic and better civic sense in citizen will lead to good governance.

(2)Political stability will be a definite outcome as if the major chunk of society will be educated there will be less inclination for turmoil.

(3)People will be healthier as education brings the sense of hygienic food and cleanliness among citizens.

(4)The population will be more environmentally conscious as they will be aware of hazards of global warming, deforestation and industrial waste issues.

Let’s take some practical examples and see are there any countries in the world where free education concept is practised. Yes, Norway, Sweden and Finland are on top of the list. These countries are offering college-level education with virtually no tuition fee. By the way, all these countries are welfare states.

Impact on women:

A vast majority of woman population of the third world and less developed countries are being denied education on account of poverty or social norms. For example, there are many places in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and African countries where women education is considered a bane.

Women in above-noted parts of the world suffer under-age marriages and domestic violence and remain at the mercy of man. Being illiterate they are unaware of their legal rights.

Free education will prove to be a blessing to women in these societies. Education for women besides being free must also be made mandatory in such societies and punishments should be introduced for parents inhibiting their daughters to send schools.

If dedicated and concerted efforts are made by all countries for providing free education to their women and global watchdogs like UNESCO keep an effective monitoring system in place, I am sure that in a short span of time these societies will undergo a social transformation.

Christopher Johnson, the writer of this blog has been teaching English to non-native learners as a private tutor for at UK Assignment –  Assignment Writers last fifteen years. He is free-lance journalist also and contributes articles on educational technologies and education policy reforms to many educational blogging sites.