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The main reasons why it is hard to write Archaeology Assignments are mentioned below:

  • You spend most of the time on the field trying to discover something new or working on the already explored projects
  • The subject is easy in experimentation but quite tough on the paper so you might find it hard to write its assignments
  • Once you are out there on the fields, you don’t find rest in anything else, i.e. you prefer working on the field rather than sitting on a couch and writing assignments. You are always looking for thrill and adventure so you might find it boring to write assignments.

Whatever the reasons are, it will be tough for you to write and submit your assignments within prescribed limit of time.

Talking more about Archaeology, the subject isn’t a straight-forward one. It’s easy said than done. For instance, when working in the field of Archaeology, you will need to work on:

  • Complex Archaeological Problems
  • Data Analysis and Configuration
  • Geography and Anthropology: This is because Archaeology is itself considered to be a sub-branch of Anthropology while geography helps you know about different lands where chances of finding artifacts are the most

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