Agriculture is the branch of science that deals with the development of the plant, change in the state of the dirt, cultivating and numerous a greater amount of such practices. It teaches students about the measures that can be adopted to improve agricultural condition of country, and thus growing crops depending on the quality of soil.
This wide subject is the backbone of all countries. Every single real economy of the world have solid agrarian building divisions. Studying agriculture not only helps in enhancing progression in agricultural condition, but also helps in improving the lifestyle of every individual.
It can be exceptionally convoluted and specialized and a few students may get baffled at their own absence of ability in the subject.
Since this subject is linked to the source of nutrition and food in our daily life, thus it possesses a high esteem in the academic world as students have to know how their soil is developed, and how the food is reached to them. They need to make a wide and in depth research on this subject especially when it comes to writing an assignment ton agriculture.
We have compiled a list of some interesting topics on agriculture assignment which students can find useful to impress their teachers.
Let’s have a look at the list of assignment topics
List of Agriculture Assignments

• Write a detailed on Organic culture highlighting its role and significance in our daily environment.
• What is the contribution of agriculture in GDP?
• Health, Food, & Nutrition in the third world development
• Write an essay on entitlement & deprivation in the light of poverty and famine
• How genetic seed improvement works.
• Highlight the major 5 risks in the food chain revealed.
• How sustainable grazing systems benefit nature?
• Write a detailed on the current Trends in agricultural productivity growth.
• Effects of pesticide on agriculture
• Discuss in detail what positive changes took place in America’s agriculture from 1865 – 1900?
• Honey bee is a significant task in agriculture
• Significance of agriculture in history and world
• What are the significant effects of genetic engineering on agriculture?
• What do you understand by the genetically modified organism, and how do they make any positive or negative impact on agriculture?
• How do climatic changes affect agriculture and livestock; discuss
• Environmental impact on cattle farming
• Define the use of fertilizers and pesticides on agriculture, do they both bring any useful outcomes? How?
• What are the social and economic impacts of organic farming on agriculture & environment?
• What are the impacts of organic farming on the efficiency of energy use in agriculture?