It is not essential that you belong to a certain field to write an essay. An essay is a piece of content that you write on different topics. You may also be acquainted with the fact that it is not always simpler to express one’s feelings on a paper. If you are committed to writing, then you can become a strong essay writer. Do you believe that you have the skills to write an essay? If yes, then you should never request others: Please, do my essay and do my essay fast.

An error-free essay requires perfect writing skills. There are students who commit 6 common mistakes while they write an essay. Here are those 6 mistakes with their solutions:

Bad Introduction: You cannot construct a perfect essay if your introduction is bad. So, students should make sure that they come up with an excellent introduction.

Solution: Introduction is the first thing that readers read in an essay, and you can make it interesting if you introduce your topic with a surprising fact or a joke or a direct quotation or a rhetorical question (use rhetorical question only if you are writing an informal essay).

Focusing on Irrelevant Issues and Events: Concentrating on irrelevant issues or events is another common mistake that students commit while writing an essay. Readers can be easily distracted if you embrace irrelevant things in your essay.

Solution: As an essay writer, you must only add relevant and attractive content in an essay. You should read the lines that you have written for an essay twice or thrice to ensure that you have not added any irrelevant content in your essay.

 Thesis Statement Is Not Impeccable: If your thesis statement is not exemplary, then you will not be able to convince readers of your viewpoint.

 Solution: A thesis statement of an essay should manifest what you want to convey to your readers. You will need to present your main idea to your readers through a thesis statement, so you should make sure that your thesis statement is perfect and understandable. \

Missing Out Transition Sentences: Some students make a common mistake by not using transition sentences as a liaison in an essay.

 Solution: Transition sentences are a need to link various paragraphs. Therefore, you must use transition words like ‘at any rate’, ‘for this reason’ and ‘incidentally’ in an essay.

Adding Strong and Specific Examples: Strong and specific examples can help students create a strong essay; however, there are students who fail to add specific examples to their essays.

Solution: Examples can help students explain their point of view to the readers, and examples in an essay should be related to the topic at hand. So, students should quote examples from an essay and read the examples to ensure that they have added specific and relevant examples in their essays.

Using Sentences and Vocabulary: If students write an informal essay, then they often use complex sentences. If they write a formal essay, then they sometimes use simple sentences. Moreover, students sometimes use complicated vocabulary

 Solution: Student should do the opposite to both types of essays i.e. they should use simple sentences for informal essays and complex sentences for formal essays. Readers of an essay are usually students, so students should avoid using complex vocabulary in an essay.

An essay is an art, and students need perfect writing skills to create an essay. Students should try to render the pertinent and complete piece of information about the topic through essay writing. To sum up, students should ensure that their essays are attractive and error-free before they submit their write-ups to the course instructors.

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