Here are 5 prompt essay writing tips that you can use to improve your essay and term paper grades:

Tip 1: Avoid the repetition of identical words as much as possible

See the following two sentences:

  1. Use active voice – avoid passive voice.
  2. Use active voice – Do not use passive voice.

Which sentence is better of the two? The first one, because it avoids recapitulating the word, “use”. You should avoid repetition; however, you can use synonyms of the word, “use” in the second sentence above to avoid repetition that could be “deploy” or “utilize”. Using synonyms means the writer has a sense of style and class, so you should be brave enough to use synonyms in your essay assignment.

Tip 2: Utilize vivid and colourful examples

You may definitely want your writing to stand out from the crowd. You should begin using some particular examples in your writing. Only a few students do that. College essay needs to be very general. Statistics are commonly used by students in an essay as an evidence to support their point. Instead of describing the behaviour of millions of people, students should take the example of only a single person and write it out. Students should use some colours to support their viewpoint. Examples will help you build trust and make your essays more interesting and exciting to read.

Tip 3: Do not overuse quotes

There are students who fill 70% of their essays with quotations. Students should know that their professor is not stupid. You are intelligent and talented, so you do not need to rely on quotes to make your point in an essay. So, you should say what you want to say in your essay by using your own language. Doing this will also make your essay readers-friendly.

 Tip 4: Be honest if you can

If you really care about the subject for which you are writing an essay, then you should be sincere. You should not be afraid of getting judged on a social or political statement that you are making. You presumably do not want to upset anyone. Your professor will not lower your grade if your opinion differs from his own opinion.

First of all, you do not even know how your professor thinks about a certain subject. Secondly, he may not care about your political views. He will solely judge your essay on its academic merit. So, you should be honest throughout your essay.

Tip 5: Talk to your professor

You should approach your professor right away at the end of a class, and ask him about his expectations from the students’ essays. Some of the questions that you need to ask are: What are two or three most important things for my essay, in your opinion? How should I write the introduction and conclusion in an assignment writer? What should I avoid in my essay? After asking the questions, you should listen and pursue the recommendations to the best of your ability. Asking the preceding questions to the professors will let him think that you really care for your essay.  

Alina Olive is a “Professor of English”. She assists university and college students all over the world. She adopts a simple teaching style to teach students. Students can visit her website if they want to get free tips and suggestion for various writing tasks.