Are you looking to create a biology assignment but are lost on what topic to choose and how to do so? Read on to know more on creating an impactful biology assignment!

How to Select a Topic for a Biology Assignment?

There are certain factors which govern your choice of choosing the right topic. These factors are:

  • The professor himself decides the topic for you.
  • The spectrum which you are given to choose the topic from.
  • The freedom you are given to branch out and to select a topic from multiple disciples.

If you have been given freedom of choice then you are in luck! However, the dilemma you will be facing here is how to narrow it down to something which can easily be produced in an assignment. As already mentioned, biology is a very diverse subject so the choice of topics becomes difficult and narrowing it down becomes a hassle too.

List of some important Biology Assignment Topics:

  1. Biological changes caused by aging
  2. Is cancer hereditary?
  3. What is the future of cloning?
  4. The chemistry of emotions
  5. Should the researchers continue with the stem cell research?
  6. The relationship between obesity and genetics
  7. Homosexuality and genetics
  8. Effects of abortions on future pregnancies
  9. Resolving the mystery of meningitis
  10. Discovering phobias – A deep dive into the human brain
  11. How is sleep related to memory?
  12. A biological angle to hypnosis
  13. Antibiotic resistance in micro-organisms
  14. The cellular reproduction of DNA
  15. The biological implications of having a child with your first cousin
  16. The next stage of the evolutionary cycle
  17. Hormonal changes during pregnancy
  18. Could Ebola be used as a biological weapon?
  19. How close are computers to mimicking the human brain?
  20. The importance of bacteria living in your bowel